Why do we impanel juries made up of people from the community to decide the outcome of  important civil disputes in our country? Other countries leave the decision to one public official.  

The answer is we take “just results” too seriously in our country to put those precious eggs in  one basket. We choose to harness the power of collective wisdom. When someone from the  community says they were wronged, the likelihood of getting the outcome right is much more  likely in the hands of a panel of citizens than one public official. The saying “there is strength in  numbers’’ is at the heart of America’s commitment to trial by jury.  

Is it sacrifice for those people who are chosen to take time out of their busy lives to serve as  jurors? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Most jurors who started out wishing they had not been  selected end up glad they were chosen. The gravity of doing justice becomes apparent and  reverence for the process of administering it takes hold. All of us who give so much of our lives  pursuing justice, owe a big “thank you” to our fellow citizens who give of their valuable time to  make it happen.