Books and DVDs

Keith Mitnik has shared his tips for success in the courtroom through a number of works, in the hopes that other plaintiffs’ trial attorneys will better be able to represent their clients:

Don’t Eat the Bruises, published in Jan. 2016, focuses on how the best plaintiff attorneys beat defense attorneys by going on the offense. Keith Mitnik shares his theory of “bruising” in jury trials — a popular tactic used by defense attorneys to direct attention from effective arguments by focusing on minor issues. The book covers topics such as creating a great opening argument, coping with jury bias, and other issues that concern both beginning and veteran trial attorneys.


In 2016, Keith Mitnik released The Power of Analogy, a DVD about how stories can be the key to help trial attorneys win cases. In this DVD, Mr. Mitnik shares his secrets of courtroom persuasion, methods for countering defense attorneys, and the best ways to bolster your argument through the use of analogies.


In Winning at the Beginning, a 2-disc CD series, Keith Mitnik explores some of the most common litigation problems and their solutions, including curtailing jury bias, opening statements, word choice, and confronting defense attorney strategies.