Keith Mitnik

The Defense's Worst Nightmare


“Thank you so much for coming to Sacramento last week. [Don’t Eat The Bruises] was the most successful seminar the CCTLA has ever had thanks to you. You got a lot of great stuff that I have used several times myself in trial since reading your book and listening to your CDs.”


Attorney Glenn Guenard

Guenard & Bozarth, LLP

“I have been a trial lawyer for over 40 years. Earlier this year, a trusted trial consultant insisted I read Keith Mitnik’s book ‘Don’t Eat the Bruises’ before my next trial. It has forever changed my approach to jury selection […] ‘Don’t Eat the Bruises’ may be the best book on trial technique and strategy for plaintiff lawyers that I have ever read; it is destined to be a classic.”


Attorney Mike Stapleton

Ball Eggleston P.C.

“I bought your book, ‘Don’t Eat the Bruises’, and I tried your techniques for the first time in a case this week and I got a great verdict and I wanted to thank you […] I can’t tell you how helpful everything you have in that book is.”


Attorney Nate Nasser