Cases and Verdicts


Keith Mitnik has taken part in well over 100 trials throughout his career. Among these trials are a number of landmark victories against major companies, classic “David and Goliath” moments that underscore Mr. Mitnik’s skills as a persuasive litigator, even when faced against the most powerful corporations’ legal teams.

Some of the most high-profile cases that Mr. Mitnik has helped to win for his clients include:

  • Townsend v. R.J. Reynolds — $90.2 Million awarded to Lyantie Townsend in a successful suit against U.S. cigarette giant R.J. Reynolds Tobacco after her husband, who had been a smoker since the age of 13, died of lung cancer. This was the 7th largest verdict in America for 2010.
  • Price v. R.J. Reynolds — $6.4 Million awarded to Ann Price in another successful case against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, after her husband, who had been addicted to cigarettes since the age of 16, died of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Van Zyl v. Fain — $18.8 Million awarded to Deon Van Zyl, a young man whose life was upended when a negligent driver cut him off. The crash rendered him wheelchair-bound for life.
  • Brink v. Ruiz  — $25 Million awarded to the victim of a motorcycle injury, who suffered a serious brain injury following a crash.
  • Action Products v. Lung Cheong — $5.1 Million awarded to an American toy company, Action Products, after a large Hong Kong toy manufacturer cheated the company in a major business deal.
  • Rausin v. Rodgers — $12 Million awarded to the family of a 13-year-old girl who was rendered paraplegic after her grandparents’ car was rear-ended by a reckless driver on Thanksgiving Day.

Featured Verdicts

Date Case Name Case Type Pre-Trial Offer Verdict
Feb. 2004 Benson v. Memorial Hosp. Medical Malpractice $0 $1 Million
Sep. 2005 McGregor v. Commercial Carrier Auto Accident $30,000 $1.3 Million
Oct. 2005 Scott v. Jewett Ortho. Medical Malpractice $0 $1.5 Million
Aug. 2006 Addison v. Perez Medical Malpractice $0 $3.3 Million
Oct. 2006 Action Products v. Lung Cheoung Int’l Holding Commercial Contingency Fee $50,000 $5.1 Million
Nov. 2007 McKernan v. Hollieanna Groves Auto Accident $0 $1.7 Million
Feb. 2008 Isham v. City of Ft. Lauderdale Police Chase Case/Auto Accident $90,000 $2 Million
Apr. 2008 Gibson v. Nationwide Auto Accident $60,000 $1 Million
Nov. 2008 Brown v. Sumter Co. Auto Accident $100,500 $2.9 Million
Feb. 2009 Rausin v. Rogers Auto Accident $25,000 $13 Million
May 2009 Bryan v. Hanson Motorcycle Accident $10,000 $4 Million
Dec. 2009 Florian v. Rojen Auto Accident $0 $1.1 Million
Apr. 2010 Townsend v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco $500 $90 Million
May 2010 Hobbs v. Adams Motorcycle Accident $0 $1.3 Million
Jan. 2011 VanZyl v. Kincaid Motorcycle Accident $0 $18.8 Million
Feb. 2011 Walker v. Sanchez Auto Accident $10,000 $3 Million
Apr. 2011 Allen (I) v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco $10,500 $40 Million
Feb. 2013 Wabnitz v. Sider Medical Malpractice $0 $1 Million
Mar. 2013 Brink v. Santos Motorcycle Accident $10,000 $26 Million
Jan. 2014 Cadle v. Geico Auto Accident $75,000 $900,000
Feb. 2014 Goveia v. RJ Reynolds & Philip Morris Tobacco $25,000 $4.5 Million
Jul. 2014 Good Gateway v. Thakkar, et al Commercial Contingency $0 $14.5 Million
Nov. 2014 Allen (II) v. RJ Reynolds & Philip Morris Tobacco $25,000 $18.2 Million
Nov. 2014 Billingham v. Scott Auto Accident $150,000 $2.2 Million
Jan. 2015 Smyth v. USAA Slip & Fall $125,000 $350,000
Jan. 2015 Soto v. Orlando Utilities Commission Slip & Fall $25,000 $100,000
Jan. 2015 Iglesias v. Martinez Auto Accident N/A $29,000
Jan. 2015 Lancaster v. Arnold Auto Accident $5,000 $325,000
Jan. 2015 Rosenblum v. Anglin Slip & Fall N/A $100,000
Jan. 2016 Estate of John Price v. RJ Reynolds, et al. Tobacco $0 $6.4 Million
Jan. 2016 Krause v. Adventist Health Medical Malpractice N/A $100,000
May. 2017 Roundtree v. Schultz Auto Accident N/A $8 Million
Aug. 2017 Smith v. Sirine Auto Accident $40,000 $900,000
Aug. 2017 Davis v. Groundtek Auto Accident $0 $1.19  Million
Nov. 2017 Blackwelder vs. Volpe Auto Accident $31,300 $1.1 Million