“Keith wins cases others lose. His verdicts far exceed those of mortal lawyers. Trials are his life. It is not work. It is his passion and cause. He will be remembered as one of Americas greatest trial lawyers. The numbers and the verdicts don’t lie.” — John Morgan

Recent Testimonials

"For Keith, being a trial lawyer is not a job, it’s a calling. Having had the opportunity to prepare and try complex business cases with Keith, I can tell you that his combination of talent, drive, and experience is one-of-a-kind. He’s a methodical tactician, he’s in touch with jurors’ mindsets, and he is a clear and powerful communicator. He’s also a master craftsman at the top of his game – constantly refining his techniques to give his clients every possible advantage. Having Keith at your counsel’s table gives you a big leg up in any trial – a fact that is borne out by his consistently impressive verdicts."


Attorney William B. Lewis

Morgan & Morgan

"First and foremost I wanted to thank you for writing such an amazing book, 'Don’t Eat the Bruises'. I have read it a few times and it has become a huge asset for me in trial. My last two trials have been big victories due to your trial strategies. Most recently we had a big verdict due in part to your lecture on letters of protection. At the end of the seminar I watched, you had left an email address if we had questions. Today I sent you an email not thinking I would even get a response but you responded. I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave me on my case today. You are a true asset to the legal community and I cannot thank you enough."


Attorney Robert C. Solomon

Saban + Solomon

"I attended Keith Mitnik’s “Don’t Eat the Bruises” seminar put on through our state’s trial lawyers association. It was the best, most practical and useful seminar I have attended. It kept me up almost all night thinking of my life experiences and analogies that I could use at trial that incorporate those life experiences. It felt like Keith was throwing out nuggets of great wisdom the entire day-long seminar. I know his words were wise because of how simple his trial ideas seemed after hearing them. As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” And, as Robert Brault said, “The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity.” “Don’t Eat the Bruises” is genius, and Keith Mitnik is a gifted teacher."


Attorney Justin Swaim

Swaim Law Firm

"In 22 years of trial practice, I’ve found that the absolute best trial attorneys are usually either naturally talented or doggedly driven to the pursuit of justice. Keith Mitnik is the rarest combination of both at the highest level. Keith has an innate gift with the spoken word and connecting with jurors and judges. He is a poet in the courtroom, and he has the ability to analyze complex issues and make them understandable to laypeople in the most persuasive way. What I believe truly separates Keith from other incredibly talented attorneys is his tireless work ethic not only to win cases, but to continue to hone his mastery of trial work outside of the courtroom. It’s one thing to put in long hours during multi-week trials, which he does on a regular basis. It’s another to keep up that same drive between trials constantly thinking of ways to improve on trial themes, voir dire, opening, cross-examination and closing. The results speak for themselves, not only in the number of multi-million dollar verdicts Keith has, but in winning other cases that were thought to be unwinnable, and would have been in the hands of others. Quite simply, in my opinion Keith Mitnik is the best trial attorney in America.”


Attorney Greg Prysock

Morgan & Morgan

“As a recovering defense lawyer, I can spot systems, strategies, and techniques that will gut the core of a defense case. 'Don’t Eat the Bruises' had all the earmarks of proving fatal to common defense trial practices and themes. After putting it into practice, I now can confirm it works. 'Don’t Eat the Bruises' is nothing short of a game changer, particularly as to voir dire and selecting a fair and impartial jury. I have never had so many challenges for cause—and granted—since using Keith’s system. I own the book and audio disc. It is part of my four horsemen of the defense apocalypse: 'Rules of the Road', 'Reptile', 'Case Framing', and 'Don’t Eat the Bruises'.”


Attorney Tim Casey

Schmitt Schneck Smyth Casey & Even, P.C.

"Keith is a warrior. And so when he straps on his gear, he fights. That's what the people who hire him want. And it works for him. Mitnik has a rare gift. He's comfortable in the courtroom. He moves around with ease. When he's comfortable, the people around him are comfortable. Keith has a self-deprecating quality. The trick, for those of us in this business, is to have confidence. . . But you can't let that make one side-step in[to] arrogance. Jurors don't like that. Mitnik's confidence and humility is a winning combination. I think he's emotionally honest. He is who he portrays. He's not putting on an act. He's comfortable attacking when he needs to attack."


Mayanne Downs

Orlando Sentinel

“I’ve read many books on trial advocacy. 'Don’t Eat the Bruises' is – by far – the best. Keith’s method of eliminating biased jurors and foiling the Defense’s plans to sabotage your case is nothing short of revolutionary. If you are a Plaintiff’s trial lawyer, 'Don’t Eat the Bruises' is a must read.”


Attorney John Kinney

Moseley C. Collins III

“Thank you so much for coming to Sacramento last week. [Don't Eat The Bruises] was the most successful seminar the CCTLA has ever had thanks to you. You got a lot of great stuff that I have used several times myself in trial since reading your book and listening to your CDs.”


Attorney Glenn Guenard

Guenard & Bozarth, LLP

“I have been a trial lawyer for over 40 years. Earlier this year, a trusted trial consultant insisted I read Keith Mitnik’s book 'Don’t Eat the Bruises' before my next trial. It has forever changed my approach to jury selection [...] 'Don’t Eat the Bruises' may be the best book on trial technique and strategy for plaintiff lawyers that I have ever read; it is destined to be a classic.”


Attorney Mike Stapleton

Ball Eggleston P.C.

“I bought your book, 'Don’t Eat the Bruises', and I tried your techniques for the first time in a case this week and I got a great verdict and I wanted to thank you [...] I can’t tell you how helpful everything you have in that book is.”


Attorney Nate Nasser

“I attended the seminar on Friday in Sacramento. If your presentations were not the absolute best I have seen in 25 years of practicing law, they were certainly in the top 3.”


Attorney Adam Sorrells

Law Office of Adam Sorrells