All Time Is Not Equal

Mr. Mitnik on how time is more valuable for older clients.

20 Years Ago

Mr. Mitnik on how he’s a different lawyer now than he was 20 years ago.

No Greater Honor

Mr. Mitnik on what he loves about being a lawyer.

The Idea Behind ‘Don’t Eat The Bruises’

Senior Trial Attorney Keith Mitnik has spent his career in the courtroom, with many chances to test his strategies. He explains the concept behind his best-selling book ‘Don’t Eat The Bruises’.

The Biggest Bruise of All

Mr. Mitnik discusses the biggest ‘bruise’ of all – juror bias – and how to get rid of it.

Don’t Make Excuses

Framing is crucial in opening statement. In this video, Mr. Mitnik demonstrates the power of word choice.

Trying A Case Against Big Tobacco

Mr. Mitnik talks about what it’s like to go up against Big Tobacco after decades of tirelessly fighting against them.

Episode 1: At Home, But Not Alone

Episode 2: False Framing

Episode 3: Hot Off the Press Gems