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4 Tips to Overcome Hidden Juror Bias in Injury Trials

Sniffing out the biases of prospective jurors is essential since a bad juror has the ability to torpedo a personal injury case. But tactful questions asked during the jury selection process and other techniques can help ensure fairness toward a client, experts say. Read the article (form fill necessary).


Woman Gets $8 Million Judgment in Daytona DUI Car Crash; No One Charged

A Daytona Beach woman won an $8 million verdict against a driver accused of being drunk when his speeding car crashed into her vehicle causing serious injuries, according to court records. Read the article.


The First Four of Florida's Legal Legends

CVN has covered some of the most successful attorneys in Florida in their biggest trials. To highlight their powerhouse performances, we are launching Florida Legal Legends, specially curated video featuring the state’s legal elite. Read the article or watch the videos (form fill necessary for videos).


Jury Slaps RJR With $6.4 Million Verdict

Jurors awarded $6.4 million to the family of a Florida smoker who died of emphysema, but handed down a $0 punitive verdict Thursday, one day after finding R.J. Reynolds potentially liable for punitives for its role in the smoker's death. Watch Keith Mitnik's closing.


Watch the Rebuttal That Delivered an $18.9 Million Verdict

During rebuttal in his closing argument, Keith Mitnik tells jurors that Deon Van Zyl's spirit following the motorcycle crash that rendered the former rugby player a paraplegic should not reduce the amount of damages he receives. Jurors ultimately awarded Van Zyl nearly $19 million. Watch Keith Mitnik's rebuttal.


Local Surgeon Under Fire For Experimental Surgeries Says He Has Nothing To Hide

On Monday, Channel 9's Kathi Belich heard from the Orange County surgeon who is at the center of a controversy over experimental surgeries he performed at Florida Hospital. The hospital said neurosurgeon Dr. William Lu did not follow protocol. Read more.


'Mitlock' Gives Law Firm Its Million-Dollar Teeth

His nickname is "Mitlock" and he's often called John Morgan's "set of teeth." He has represented judges, world-famous musicians and most recently a Kissimmee woman suing Casey Anthony. Read more.